A short introduction to "Astraload frontend – design system, Storybook and testing" program

Quality frontend development on scale may be a struggle. Coordination and communication issues, long release cycle and production bugs are reality for many frontend teams. Astraload team has found keys to these and others types of issues and is ready to share them with their customers.

Regular and predictable pace of releases, vanishingly small number of production issues and standardized and effortless communication between design and development teams are the goals of Astraload frontend program – Design system, Storybook and testing – this is how we call it.

The program spans for 12 weeks and is executed by a team of 4 professionals: two developers, a designer and a facilitator. During the program consisting of 9 phases [Fig. 1] the team will do actual development, inroduce new technologies and practices and train your teams to use the new stuff.


Fig. 1 - List of Astraload frontend program phases

Each phase pursues multiple goals: to win trust of management, design and development; to introduce new technologies and approaches; to train clients teams to use them; and last but not least to build actual designs and UI. Pretty challenging, isn’t it? To achieve the listed goals, every phase consist of several types of activities:

  • planning activities - where a phase plan is presented, resources are requested, meetings get arranged;
  • technical activities - where Astraload team sets up technologies, writes code or creates designs;
  • training activities - where a client’s team studies introduced technologies;
  • practicing activities - where a client’s team puts their new skills into practice;
  • reporting activities - where Astraload team reports to clients management about phase results.

Week after week clients stakeholders will notice changes in speed and quality of the results the teams get. Boost your frontend development in short order – book Astraload frontend team now.

Astraload is small team of seasoned professionals, all our services are highly exclusive. Visit our website to read more about us and our frontend program.